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Scott Crothers
Scott Crothers: Composer
The Composer In Brief Spotlight On Quarter-tone Piano Preludes

Scott Crothers composes in a variety of musical styles.

Since his youth, Mr. Crothers has explored a wide variety of musical genres. From Classical, Jazz and World Music to Rock, Country and Microtonal Music. His main instrument from the onset of his musical journey has been the Guitar, but he has developed interest in other instruments including the Lute, Violin, Viola, Bass Viol, Balalaika, Banjitar and numerous percussion instruments.

Additional information about Scott Crothers can be found on the About page of this web site.

_NOW AVAILABLE: My new 12-tune album "Amoeba Party!" can be purchased at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/scottcrothers and has tunes mostly written within the last year. The album features a variety of eclectic styles including Blues, Rock, World, Fusion & Electronica. It's available as a CD and as Digital Downloads on CDBaby.com and as Downloads on a host of other Online Stores.

_The Crothers' Collection of Preludes for Quarter-tone Piano(s) currently number 12 Pieces. They may still be purchased through PayPal from the Download page of this web site. There are Samples from each Prelude that may be previewed before purchase. The Pieces were all composed by Scott Crothers using MOTU's Digital Performer Notation Editor and their performance rendered by MOTU's Symphonic Instrument plugin.

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